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What the feminist fight in India ought to be about

This perspective shared by my friend (Vibha Pingle) on Facebook. The feminist fight in India (especially north india) must be about the status of all women (fetuses, girls, women). It is not only about rape laws or harassment, but about deeply entrenched sexism and patriarchy. It must be about eliminating a cultural mindset that denigrates [...]

Crime does not pay – a rebooting manifesto

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on my other blog.] It’s been over a week since a hapless young medical student was brutally gang-raped and mercilessly beaten to within a micro-inch of her life. In this glorious nation’s capital.. inside a moving private bus with tinted windows that drove past five police checkposts without [...]

To India My Native Land

Perhaps one academic memory that I.C.S.E. students are uniformly nostalgic about is the timeless collection of poems (Panorama). When it was finally time to launch Sarika.org, it was no wonder that Henry Louis Vivian Derozio’s classic inspirational poem To India My Native Land came to mind. **** My country! In thy day of glory past A beauteous halo circled [...]