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Inequality at the pulpit and its ramifications

In his Sunday Guardian column, Guardians of the pulpit, MJ Akbar highlights gender inequality in yet another crucial area – priests. This recent judgement by a Delhi sessions court was the trigger for his column. Kamini Lau, an additional sessions judge, denied anticipatory bail to a certain Maulvi Mustafa Raja, who abetted in the abduction of a [...]

Resign before Jan 26th

Resign before Jan 26th is an intriguing campaign by Srikant Sastry & friends to try and shame 2 MPs and 42 MLAs, accused of crimes against women including rape, into voluntarily resigning before Jan 26th, 2013. While there’s universal agreement that our politicians are habitually shameless, it will still be interesting to see what kind of traction [...]

About The Sarika Project

What is “The Sarika Project”? The trigger (for this endeavour) of gathering and sharing media communications on social issues was That girl, the one without the name. The one just like us. The one whose battered body stood for all the anonymous women in this country whose rapes and deaths are a footnote in the left-hand [...]