Inequality at the pulpit and its ramifications

In his Sunday Guardian column, Guardians of the pulpit, MJ Akbar highlights gender inequality in yet another crucial area – priests. This recent judgement by a Delhi sessions court was the trigger for his column. Kamini Lau, an additional sessions judge, denied anticipatory bail to a certain Maulvi Mustafa Raja, who abetted in the abduction of a [...]

Resign before Jan 26th

Resign before Jan 26th is an intriguing campaign by Srikant Sastry & friends to try and shame 2 MPs and 42 MLAs, accused of crimes against women including rape, into voluntarily resigning before Jan 26th, 2013. While there’s universal agreement that our politicians are habitually shameless, it will still be interesting to see what kind of traction [...]

About The Sarika Project

What is “The Sarika Project”? The trigger (for this endeavour) of gathering and sharing media communications on social issues was That girl, the one without the name. The one just like us. The one whose battered body stood for all the anonymous women in this country whose rapes and deaths are a footnote in the left-hand [...]

What the feminist fight in India ought to be about

This perspective shared by my friend (Vibha Pingle) on Facebook. The feminist fight in India (especially north india) must be about the status of all women (fetuses, girls, women). It is not only about rape laws or harassment, but about deeply entrenched sexism and patriarchy. It must be about eliminating a cultural mindset that denigrates [...]

Unconditionally accept that it was NOT their fault

Shared by my friend (Tridib) on Facebook.. A silent prayer for “Damini”. Only silence for the parents – as I have no context to understand their feelings. Admiration for all the people who have gathered around India – hopefully Governments are listening.Sad truth – since this event, I have read of at least 15 rape [...]

Letter to Chairman, Karnataka Police Complaints Authority

Ashwin Mahesh, one of Bangalore’s highly engaged citizens, shared a letter (on Facebook) addressed to Justice Rajendra Babu, Chairman of the Karnataka Police Complaints Authority. Based on inputs from the discussion we had a few days ago, and with the new policy guidance from the Takshashila Institution, I have put together this final version of the [...]

Aftermath of Delhi gangrape: a set of must-read articles and tweets

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on my other blog.] Barring one two, the rest of the curated articles should appeal to your head rather than your heart. For Anonymous The Problem is Us How to go from outrage to action Till the next rape case Impact of UPA pardons On police reforms… Nine demands from [...]

The danger to women lurks within us

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on my other blog.] In a Dec 27, 2012 editorial in The Hindu, Praveen Swami shares several statistics on how other countries have combated rape. Lest we take too much comfort from some of the statistics, he reminds us that in a culture of misogyny, legal and judicial reforms [...]

Crime does not pay – a rebooting manifesto

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on my other blog.] It’s been over a week since a hapless young medical student was brutally gang-raped and mercilessly beaten to within a micro-inch of her life. In this glorious nation’s capital.. inside a moving private bus with tinted windows that drove past five police checkposts without [...]

Treat us as human beings, not goddesses please!

(Originally posted on my other blog.) My wife shared this on her Facebook wall today… Its a myth – not history – that women in India are treated as goddesses…and even in the greatest epics/myths, one goddess-woman was publicly stripped by her in-laws while her useless husbands (all 5 of them!) and other “great” family [...]